Fun Trouble = Tank Trouble

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greentankWHAT IS THE GAME?
Greatest Multiplayer Game to chew up some time? Well,arguably YES! Tank Trouble 1 is absolutely a very fascinating game about tanks,war and destruction containing lots of FUN.There may be a lot of tank games out there but when you gets hands on with Tank Trouble,well this title is one of a kind.The most unique fact about Tank Trouble is that you will be able to unleash the game in a Single Player mode VS Computer or Multiplayer Mode VS anyone or you can even play with two of your mates at the same time ,in the Triple Player Mode.You may not even find a game that features 3 live players from a single PC.Tank Trouble 1 is made particularly for everyone to enjoy,so no matter how old you are,this title is a blast and a lot of fun,as you are the boss of your tank and your commands is what will lead the mission to success or failure.Its the total nutcracker game to play at the office,house or basically anywhere possible, so if this sounds good for you just press the play button and immerse in a funny,relaxing time.Of course the best way to spend the time on this game is with your mates.Game is absolutely FREE!

The controls for the Players : Player 1 : E,S,D,F – control tank,Q – shoot. Player 2 : Arrow Keys – control tank,M – shoot
Player 3 : MOUSE – control tank ,[Left Click] – shoot

Fun Trouble = Tank TroubleFIRE IN THE HOLE !
In the single player scenario of the game,your enemy will be a tank,called Laika . Its not easy that way,aye? You will require all your reflexes to come in to play to win against the mighty beast.Keeping that in mind there are also different difficulty levels featuring large and small maps.The game also boasts a variety of weapons. They appear on different stages of the game and you can obtain them by grabbing an icon with a special weapon,as easy as that ! Play as much as you wish,as you progress new levels and challenges are added.The point of Tank Trouble 2 is that,you have to kill your enemies as fast as you can and the highest score remains !. The game has also a full screen mode which is the most convenient way to play it.
From a variety of strategies available,you can work up your brain to the total demolition to improve your ranks,so use it wisely and carefully possible.

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Gamers talking about Return Man

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Return Man is a variant on the well-liked series and also a great game in the ESPN’s line of football games. The game brings all the fun as well as excitement of one being a wide receiver in NFL to your computer’s screen. It’s your goal to avoid the defenders just by weaving in and out of the traffic, run on the perfect route and then top it all with a touchdown catch!


Game play

Return Man game is a fun and easy-to-play. Your primary goal is very simple; catch the touchdown passes. When you line up, you’re given a route to run which can be hitches, posts, drags or fades. Your task is to make your way up to the yellow circle where the ball is thrown. However, this task is not easy. This is because you have several defenders whom you’ve to avoid and also beat to the football. The best way of running on the proper route is by following the conveniently-placed green dots which shows you exactly how to run the route. Once you’re to the proper location, you should be ready to catch the ball! In case you’re unable to catch the pass, don’t worry because you have 5 attempts per play.

High Scores:

While playing, you’re given a score which is based on your performances. Did you manage to catch the pass? How many green dots did you manage to hit? These are the factors which are considered in the final score. After the game is over, you will see your final score and then have an option of uploading it to the ESPN’s high scores list. Even if you don’t choose to upload the score, it shall still be a great way to compare your performance with your friends and then compete to emerge the best!


I: Run forward
K: Run back

J: Run left
L: Run Right
SPACE BAR: Catch Pass

NOTE: More moves will be unlocked by clearing levels
NOTE: Another awesome sport game is Run 3, it is free and you can play it at

Tips and Tricks

While playing this game, there are several strategies which could be useful for new players. Firstly, you have to note the importance of following green dots while running through the routes. Running proper routes will allow you to get to the throw locations with perfect timing and then gain nice bonuses in your score. In addition, following green routes allows you to properly avoid the defenders and find a hole in the defense thus guaranteeing a perfect catch. Furthermore, make sure that you constantly press the catch buttons! If you can manage to press the button with proper timing, you’re sure to catch it.


Age Rating

Return Man is a game which is suitable for all ages. It’s a great option for the children or parents who love football. There’s no language or violence associated with this game. It’s a great game to aid children in learning about football or just as a fun activity in the afternoon. It’s highly recommended for parents and children to play this game together since it can serve as family fun!


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Solitaire – the Strategy Game

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Solitaire - the Strategy Game

Solitaire-the Strategy Game!
Klondike solitaire is the ultimate game, for those who relish strategic and calculated moves, to win and enjoy a win.
This game of sorting cards is so popular, that many folks simply call it “solitaire.” In case you don’t enjoy card games you can always play good old shooting game @

Winning strategy:
To achieve victory in Klondike solitaire game, the player needs to identify the best strategy, in deploying the cards on the table in a descending manner, and pile them in four stacks.
At the same time, the stacked cards need to match the arrays of colors available, for victory to be assured.
The ultimate goal of the Klondike solitaire game, is to stack all the cards on the suite piles from Ace to King, usually at the top of the game screen.

= All the cards must be heaped at the upper corner

= Upper corner deck cards follows next, in a descending manner from A-K

= Stack cards at the bottom, matching alternate colors

= Pile cards in descending order, corresponding to the consecutive numbers

= Only a card bearing letter K, qualifies to be put at a vacant column in the bottom

= Cards available, at the clicking of the deck, at the upper left corner

The tableau, also known as the columns, is the main control feature in Klondike solitaire game.
The columns are in essence, the demarcation features, for the playing area of the game.
When shuffling the cards in between the columns, one can pick any face up card, provided that such a move, involves all the cards in the column below.
The top card of the stack being moved, must have a value one less, than the bottom card below, in the column being shuffled.
At the same time, such a card must bear a completely different color.
The rule of the thumb in the Klondike solitaire game, is to deal the cards one at a time, face up.
Resetting the stock pile is only done when all the cards have been dealt, which allows the player to start all over again.
This means that there is no limitation to the number of times, one is dealing out with the cards, in a Klondike solitaire game.


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Review of Impossible Quiz 3 – A well-known flash game

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Impossible Quiz 3 is a popular flash game developed mainly by Splapp-me-Do and initially published on This particular game, such as two Impossible Quizzes prior to it, encourages gamers to think outside the box whilst verifying their intellectual capability. Occasionally, though, the most obvious answers end up not to be so apparent which means gamers will really require putting their thinking caps on prior to diving into this! Furthermore, the game just permits 3 incorrect answers before it forces you to begin from the starting once again, therefore, it is vital that you buckle down as well as remain focused!


impossible quiz 3

To play the game the gamer should read each query meticulously and reply by making use of reasoning, speculating and with some trial and error. Keep in mind, with every incorrect answer you will lose a life, and as discussed earlier, you just get 3 lives each game. In case you find a way to actually reply a specific number of “impossible” queries in a row, you’ll be provided a “skip” option for the later queries in case you get stuck. Do not allow that to get your hopes up way too high since not all the questions will let you skip; you need to be picky with your selections and only utilize the skip button while you need it. It is also essential to understand that some queries have bombs attached to them and you will require responding to them inside 1 second or else risk being blown to pieces and sent back to the very start.

Controls to Play:

A totally working computer mouse will be the only tool that you will require enjoying this game properly, besides your brain. The gamer should pick the right answer, or what they presume is the proper answer, which shows up on the screen for replying to the presented query. Bear in mind that this particular quiz is intended to be “impossible”, therefore, remain positive and do not stress out yourself if you reply incorrectly; simply take a deep breathing and continue trucking!

Quest 08

Internet Reputation:

Impossible Quiz 3 game has developed a significant popularity across the web, due to its notorious unfairness as well as difficulty. It acquired lots of popularity right after PewDiePie, a well-known YouTube gamer, showcased it on his channel. Right now, you will find a large amount of articles and videos published on the internet. Some individuals share video clips of their efforts (which often are unsuccessful), and others publish walkthroughs on how to finish the game. This game even possesses its personal Wiki now, with each and every query discussed in detail.

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How to chill and relax at work with Cubefield

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relaxing at workSo, I’ve been wondering how many of my followers actually enjoy simple, stress free games? Games where you have nothing to lose and nothing to gain, games where you just use couple of buttons, relax and enjoy your free time just for fun?

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? 😀 Well, I’m ready to present you such an entertaining flash game – Cubefield!

As a name suggests this game is all about field and cubes with different colors, they appear out of nowhere on the horizon and all you have to do is to dodge them.

You control your aircraft, try not to destroy it, maneuver it through cubes and avoid crash; it is pretty simple task, just drive calmly and earn high scores.

Games like Cubefield are extremely popular today, why? Well because in the current stressful life simple and easy games are decent way to relax. You may also play it from your work (just make sure that your boss won’t notice it, LOL), all you have to do is to click on this link and it will load game in your browser, pretty simple.

Like I have said before you just use couple of buttons in order to control game (arrow buttons to be more specific), you may also pause game with P button and change quality of the game with Q button.

Game also records your top score, this is wonderful option to challenge your friends or even yourself to see how good is your progress in this game.

Cubefield game screenUsually people fail in this game because of the fear, they lose control when cubes appear too quickly, my personal experience and advice in Cubefield is to be calm, just relax and make calm decisions where to point your spacecraft.

Well guys this is what I wanted to say regarding simple and relaxing game – Cubefield, of course there are tons of other games out there like this one, once I will find time I will write about those games as well and as always I will give you a link where you can find it.

Cheers and don’t miss my future posts, I have interesting new games to share with you!

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Tips for Blasting to Victory on Zombie Killing Games

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Zombie Killing Games – ZTP (Zombie Trailer Park) is a 2D point-and-click strategy game that pits humans against zombies in a battle to destroy each other’s home base. The player takes the role of the human survivor base, with the goal of destroying the zombie base.

ztpStarting the Game:
The game is divided into four stages that get progressively harder. Clicking the stage name takes the player to that specific level. The timer immediately begins ticking, and zombies begin walking out of the zombie base to the right.

Constructing Buildings and Units:
The player must construct buildings to begin producing units to fight the zombies. At the beginning, players have access to basic buildings. Constructing buildings and units is as simple as clicking on the specific icon. If the player has enough money and the necessary requirements, the building or unit will begin construction. There is a limit to how many units a player can build, depending on what buildings have been constructed.
More advanced buildings and units become available as the player upgrades the base and earns more money. After being produced, buildings provide a specific bonus, or unlock a new units. Newly-created units automatically begin marching towards the zombie base, killing any zombies in their way.

Zombie Trailer Park

Reaching and Destroying the Zombie Base:
The point of the game is to reach the zombie base with units and destroy it. However, the zombie base also produces its own units to attack the player’s base. Basic units will be able to kill basic zombies fairly easily, but the zombie base will also eventually begin producing more advanced zombies which overpower basic units.
To combat the advanced zombies, the player must construct advanced units, which have more firepower and can attack from a distance. As the player kills zombies, the player also earned YEE-HAW points, which can be used to purchase powerful one-time attacks. Also you can play Boxhead Unblocked.

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Know how to play the great and exciting game of Super Smash Bros Flash 2

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Are you a lover of games? If the answer to this question is a big yes then I have a great game that you will definitely love playing and that is the Super Smash Bros Flash 2 game. This great fun game affords you the rare and great privilege of playing a game with fun classical arcade game, cartoon and anime characters. The characters are up to 24 in number and it includes but is not limited to the following; Black Mage, Goku, Fox, Sora, Wario, Bomberman etc. Do you know what is so thrilling about these characters? You get the chance of choosing which of the characters that you want to play with, isn’t it simply amazing?

The Instructions of the game:

The game is best enjoyed when played by 2 players although you can play a solo game in order to get a feel of the game before challenging a friend, colleague or loved one to play with you as an opponent. The act of choosing a character is simple as you only need to score blue points and red points over your choice character. I am simply loving this game; oops. The game is a simple one to play as it only needs concentration and articulation on your part (this will definitely keep you busy). All you need do while playing the game is to attack (you attack by pulling off combos); and destroy the opponents (you destroy your opponent by knocking the character off the stage or field of play). While attacking your opponents, you will also need to be resisting their attacks at the same time; wow. Always ensure that your choice character is always well protected. You will be playing against 3 CPU characters with various degrees of hard play.


The controls of this great game:

It is important that you learn and know the controls of the game because it is the key to your success in the game. The ASD keys are movement purposes, the W key is for jumping, the U key is for grabbing, the I key is the shield key, the O key is the special key, the P key is the attack key, the space key is the start fight key, the 1 key is the taunt key while the back key is the pause key. These control keys can be changed to suit your style of play.

This great game was developed by McLeod gaming and it will keep you well entertained and asking for more. I just love this game and I know you will too.

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Return Man? He Never Went Away, Man.

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Return Man has provided millions of users with fast paced, unlimited free fun. The objective is to catch a football, and then run all the way into the opposite end of the field, earning points as you go. You get four turns, or possessions to rack up the points. The further you get, the more points you accumulate to make for a higher score. Furthermore, each time you are tackled by a player on the opposing team, game play is interrupted, your points tallied, at which point you can hit the space bar to get back in the action. There are four rounds, or lives, each earning you some points depending on the distance you get across the field. At the end of the game, your points are added all up, and if you’re happy with the results you can submit them.
The Controls

Return Man? He Never Went Away, Man.While, I played this game with both my right and left hands, the controls- J:Left, I:Forward, L:Right, Space bar to continue- appear to be set up for someone who is either right handed, or playing with only one hand at a time. It proves challenging, at first, to dodge your opponents and earn decent points, but eventually you get the hang of the controls. It is easy to navigate, not a lot to remember, and that makes it ideal for players of all ages.

Furthermore, there are bonuses! If you’re lucky enough to catch a green, glowing orb with a lightning bolt inside of it, that will earn you some extra points. These are worth five hundred points each to the player. The more of them you can get, the better you ultimately do. As well, once you start getting into the higher points brackets, you can earn trophies- provided that you’re a registered member on On the top right of the page where the game is found, you will find the required point amounts required to win a trophy. The amounts range from 8000, to 42,000 and there are 5 in total to collect. If you’re skilled enough to master it, you can check your competition on the top 100 Arcade Trophy Leaders section. Just below the game, in fact, one can find a box with some competitive stats to follow as they play which contains the high scores for the current month, all time, as well as the trophy leaders.
The Consensus

While the game seems to have a devoted following, there seem to be just as many new comers trying to beat the ranks as well. With a slew of sequels, including Zombies and a Mud Bowl, it is unlikely that this game should lose its mounting popularity. It’s an instant classic among the denizens of social media, Facebook comments full of praise, as well as a few suggestions lining the bottom of each incarnation of Return Man. The people love it, and it is here to stay.

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Happy Wheels! By Jim Bonacci

Posted on June 18, 2015 By

Happy Wheels! By Jim BonacciHappy Wheels is a rag doll game that takes place in several maps and levels. The characters use several wacky vehicles to complete the many objectives of the game. The game was created by Jim Bonacci in 2010, he also created much of the game’s artwork and programming. His inspiration for the game came from other rag doll games seen in the online gaming community, however Bonacci was frustrated at the lack of believability of the fate’s of characters of other games. The game’s wacky, graphic, and violent nature are its defining characteristics.

Objectives – The goal of the characters in the game is to progress through the different levels by completing various task and goals. In the majority of levels the goal is to reach a finish line or collect a certain number of tokens. Decapitation, severance of limbs, and being shot are just some of the graphic and violent obstacles users face to progress throughout the game. Using the complete version accessible on Jim Bonacci’s website, users can custom build levels and upload them to an open server.

Instructions – Use your character and his vehicle to navigate the various maps of Happy Wheels demo. Collect coins, watch out for monsters, and the laugh at the hilarious ways in which your character will inevitably be ripped to shreds!

Controls – Control your character using the arrow keys, use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and backward, use the side arrow keys to lean left or lean right. The “shift” and “Ctrl” keys will result in other actions depending on the particular level. Pressing “Z’ will eject your character from their vehicle.

Reception – Since the game’s inception in 2010, it has received many positive features. Its users seem to love its graphic, violent, and humorous nature. Another point of rave for the game is the impressive amount of user generated content present in the game, over 6 million maps or levels have been generated by users of the game. Bonacci, who began working on the game in 2005, purposely designed the game so that characters would die repeatedly, he chose the make that part of the game enjoyable for users. The popular gaming site, Imagine Gaming Network or IGN, list the game as one of the best free games. The future for gory game Happy Wheels appears to be bright, Jim Bonacci recently posted on his website that a digital cartoon series was on the horizon.

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Bloons TD 5 – free TD game with paid items

Posted on May 28, 2015 By

So guys quick post regarding Bloons TD 5. Now you all know that this tower defense game is latest version of BTD game series from Ninja Kiwi, what you may not know is that fifth version of the game is receiving updates regularly.

Bloons TD 5They add new towers, new maps and new tools very often which can make your game ten times more interesting, you can also buy couple of interesting buffs, such as super powerful monkey tower, super powerful power-up and things like that. This game gets new updates almost as fast as Electric Man, so it is really awesome.

Except basic maps there are paid levels as well, in order to get them you will have to pay real money, but to be honest it is really worth paying because it contains so much interesting stuff and strategies that you won’t get bored for a very long time.

Few words about strategy of the game: some towers are more beneficial in specific map areas, try different towers in different spots; same tower can give you different results if you will place it in the right position. Game also allows you to get upgrades on towers; some towers can be upgraded five times! Final form of tower can cost you a lot of money, but it has super attacking power and it can pop hundreds of balloons in couple of seconds. You can also place spikes on the road, when balloons will walk over them they will pop, this tool is good when you want to defend spot which is weak in terms of towers, usually people use spikes on the early stage of the game. You can find more details on the following YouTube video which I have added below.

BTD 5 is one of the best tower defense games which you can play at the moment, it is free, but it also allows you to buy different stuff if you want to. Like I have said before there are many different maps within the game and each level requires its own unique approach/strategy.

Well guys have fun and enjoy this game, oh yes and you can play it online on the official site.

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Heroes of the Storm is here!

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Heroes of the StormAfter release of Dota 2 and LOL, we were all accepting that soon enough Blizzard Entertainment would release their own version of the game, we sure were right, but to be honest it took extremely long time, but never mind that game is finally here and unlike other games it has different modes and features, one of them include talent system and mounts (for faster movement across the map), weird part is that game doesn’t allow you to buy items (they might add item system in the future) anyway read description below and let us know what you think about it.

Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer video game based on an online battle ground. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and is designed for computers that use the Microsoft Windows range of Operating Systems.

This video game has borrowed most of its characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s other products, namely; War Craft, Star Craft and Diablo. It makes use of the freemium and Free 2 Play models.

Players in this game can make use of the micropayments feature to purchase their own heroes or to alter the vision and capacity of the enemy’s heroes. Unlike the other video games produced by Blizzard Entertainment, Heroes of the Storm has a broader play style, therefore earning the nick name ‘Hero Brawler’.

On 13th January, 2015, the closed beta version of this game was officially launched. It is expected that the open beta version will be launched in May 2015, while the official release of the full version is expected to occur in 2nd June, 2015.

P.S. If you are fan of online battle games, why not try Tank Trouble Unblocked? or Happy Wheels Unblocked?

Match Making
When players/participants either lose or win during the game, a special formula referred to as the MMR, or Matchmaking Rating, is applied behind the scenes. Therefore, players in the game are always automatically matched with others who posses equal skill. Matchmaking Rating makes use of the Elo formula, complete with proprietary adjustments.

baseInstructions of the game
Basically, Heroes of the Storm revolves around 5 Vs 5 matches running on the platform. This is an online gaming service operated by Blizzard Entertainment. Players have the option of choosing among 3 game modes. This may involve playing against heroes or other players controlled by the computer.

When a game starts, heroes are expected to play against 6 players produced by a free hero rotation, a carefully selected list which changes after every 7 days. However, if they use micro transactions or gold (source of wealth) they can permanently have access to their own hero.

Essentially, 35 heroes are divided into 4 groups, and then given separate roles. Six out of seven are assigned to three main lanes whereby players can engage in fights. However, an exceptional player by the name Haunted Mines is assigned two major lanes, and a completely different objective.

A player earns points if he/she kills enemies on the opposing side, and this victory (and points earned) is usually shared among all the other team mates.

heroesControls of the game
Since it is a game that is based on sessions, Heroes of the Storm has been specially designed with several game modes to make it suitable for the wide base of players. Players are also given the liberty to choose the level of complexity/difficulty that they want to play.

Heroes of the Storm has been designed with the following main game modes: Tutorials, Big Head, Practice, Team League, Cooperative, Hero League and Quick Match.

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