Fun Trouble = Tank Trouble

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greentankWHAT IS THE GAME?
Greatest Multiplayer Game to chew up some time? Well,arguably YES! Tank Trouble 1 is absolutely a very fascinating game about tanks,war and destruction containing lots of FUN.There may be a lot of tank games out there but when you gets hands on with Tank Trouble,well this title is one of a kind.The most unique fact about Tank Trouble is that you will be able to unleash the game in a Single Player mode VS Computer or Multiplayer Mode VS anyone or you can even play with two of your mates at the same time ,in the Triple Player Mode.You may not even find a game that features 3 live players from a single PC.Tank Trouble 1 is made particularly for everyone to enjoy,so no matter how old you are,this title is a blast and a lot of fun,as you are the boss of your tank and your commands is what will lead the mission to success or failure.Its the total nutcracker game to play at the office,house or basically anywhere possible, so if this sounds good for you just press the play button and immerse in a funny,relaxing time.Of course the best way to spend the time on this game is with your mates.Game is absolutely FREE!

The controls for the Players : Player 1 : E,S,D,F – control tank,Q – shoot. Player 2 : Arrow Keys – control tank,M – shoot
Player 3 : MOUSE – control tank ,[Left Click] – shoot

Fun Trouble = Tank TroubleFIRE IN THE HOLE !
In the single player scenario of the game,your enemy will be a tank,called Laika . Its not easy that way,aye? You will require all your reflexes to come in to play to win against the mighty beast.Keeping that in mind there are also different difficulty levels featuring large and small maps.The game also boasts a variety of weapons. They appear on different stages of the game and you can obtain them by grabbing an icon with a special weapon,as easy as that ! Play as much as you wish,as you progress new levels and challenges are added.The point of Tank Trouble 2 is that,you have to kill your enemies as fast as you can and the highest score remains !. The game has also a full screen mode which is the most convenient way to play it.
From a variety of strategies available,you can work up your brain to the total demolition to improve your ranks,so use it wisely and carefully possible.

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