Happy Wheels! By Jim Bonacci

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Happy Wheels! By Jim BonacciHappy Wheels is a rag doll game that takes place in several maps and levels. The characters use several wacky vehicles to complete the many objectives of the game. The game was created by Jim Bonacci in 2010, he also created much of the game’s artwork and programming. His inspiration for the game came from other rag doll games seen in the online gaming community, however Bonacci was frustrated at the lack of believability of the fate’s of characters of other games. The game’s wacky, graphic, and violent nature are its defining characteristics.

Objectives – The goal of the characters in the game is to progress through the different levels by completing various task and goals. In the majority of levels the goal is to reach a finish line or collect a certain number of tokens. Decapitation, severance of limbs, and being shot are just some of the graphic and violent obstacles users face to progress throughout the game. Using the complete version accessible on Jim Bonacci’s website, users can custom build levels and upload them to an open server.

Instructions – Use your character and his vehicle to navigate the various maps of Happy Wheels demo. Collect coins, watch out for monsters, and the laugh at the hilarious ways in which your character will inevitably be ripped to shreds!

Controls – Control your character using the arrow keys, use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and backward, use the side arrow keys to lean left or lean right. The “shift” and “Ctrl” keys will result in other actions depending on the particular level. Pressing “Z’ will eject your character from their vehicle.

Reception – Since the game’s inception in 2010, it has received many positive features. Its users seem to love its graphic, violent, and humorous nature. Another point of rave for the game is the impressive amount of user generated content present in the game, over 6 million maps or levels have been generated by users of the game. Bonacci, who began working on the game in 2005, purposely designed the game so that characters would die repeatedly, he chose the make that part of the game enjoyable for users. The popular gaming site, Imagine Gaming Network or IGN, list the game as one of the best free games. The future for gory game Happy Wheels appears to be bright, Jim Bonacci recently posted on his website that a digital cartoon series was on the horizon.

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