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Heroes of the StormAfter release of Dota 2 and LOL, we were all accepting that soon enough Blizzard Entertainment would release their own version of the game, we sure were right, but to be honest it took extremely long time, but never mind that game is finally here and unlike other games it has different modes and features, one of them include talent system and mounts (for faster movement across the map), weird part is that game doesn’t allow you to buy items (they might add item system in the future) anyway read description below and let us know what you think about it.

Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer video game based on an online battle ground. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and is designed for computers that use the Microsoft Windows range of Operating Systems.

This video game has borrowed most of its characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s other products, namely; War Craft, Star Craft and Diablo. It makes use of the freemium and Free 2 Play models.

Players in this game can make use of the micropayments feature to purchase their own heroes or to alter the vision and capacity of the enemy’s heroes. Unlike the other video games produced by Blizzard Entertainment, Heroes of the Storm has a broader play style, therefore earning the nick name ‘Hero Brawler’.

On 13th January, 2015, the closed beta version of this game was officially launched. It is expected that the open beta version will be launched in May 2015, while the official release of the full version is expected to occur in 2nd June, 2015.

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Match Making
When players/participants either lose or win during the game, a special formula referred to as the MMR, or Matchmaking Rating, is applied behind the scenes. Therefore, players in the game are always automatically matched with others who posses equal skill. Matchmaking Rating makes use of the Elo formula, complete with proprietary adjustments.

baseInstructions of the game
Basically, Heroes of the Storm revolves around 5 Vs 5 matches running on the Battle.net platform. This is an online gaming service operated by Blizzard Entertainment. Players have the option of choosing among 3 game modes. This may involve playing against heroes or other players controlled by the computer.

When a game starts, heroes are expected to play against 6 players produced by a free hero rotation, a carefully selected list which changes after every 7 days. However, if they use micro transactions or gold (source of wealth) they can permanently have access to their own hero.

Essentially, 35 heroes are divided into 4 groups, and then given separate roles. Six out of seven are assigned to three main lanes whereby players can engage in fights. However, an exceptional player by the name Haunted Mines is assigned two major lanes, and a completely different objective.

A player earns points if he/she kills enemies on the opposing side, and this victory (and points earned) is usually shared among all the other team mates.

heroesControls of the game
Since it is a game that is based on sessions, Heroes of the Storm has been specially designed with several game modes to make it suitable for the wide base of players. Players are also given the liberty to choose the level of complexity/difficulty that they want to play.

Heroes of the Storm has been designed with the following main game modes: Tutorials, Big Head, Practice, Team League, Cooperative, Hero League and Quick Match.

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