How to chill and relax at work with Cubefield

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relaxing at workSo, I’ve been wondering how many of my followers actually enjoy simple, stress free games? Games where you have nothing to lose and nothing to gain, games where you just use couple of buttons, relax and enjoy your free time just for fun?

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? 😀 Well, I’m ready to present you such an entertaining flash game – Cubefield!

As a name suggests this game is all about field and cubes with different colors, they appear out of nowhere on the horizon and all you have to do is to dodge them.

You control your aircraft, try not to destroy it, maneuver it through cubes and avoid crash; it is pretty simple task, just drive calmly and earn high scores.

Games like Cubefield are extremely popular today, why? Well because in the current stressful life simple and easy games are decent way to relax. You may also play it from your work (just make sure that your boss won’t notice it, LOL), all you have to do is to click on this link and it will load game in your browser, pretty simple.

Like I have said before you just use couple of buttons in order to control game (arrow buttons to be more specific), you may also pause game with P button and change quality of the game with Q button.

Game also records your top score, this is wonderful option to challenge your friends or even yourself to see how good is your progress in this game.

Cubefield game screenUsually people fail in this game because of the fear, they lose control when cubes appear too quickly, my personal experience and advice in Cubefield is to be calm, just relax and make calm decisions where to point your spacecraft.

Well guys this is what I wanted to say regarding simple and relaxing game – Cubefield, of course there are tons of other games out there like this one, once I will find time I will write about those games as well and as always I will give you a link where you can find it.

Cheers and don’t miss my future posts, I have interesting new games to share with you!

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