Return Man? He Never Went Away, Man.

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Return Man has provided millions of users with fast paced, unlimited free fun. The objective is to catch a football, and then run all the way into the opposite end of the field, earning points as you go. You get four turns, or possessions to rack up the points. The further you get, the more points you accumulate to make for a higher score. Furthermore, each time you are tackled by a player on the opposing team, game play is interrupted, your points tallied, at which point you can hit the space bar to get back in the action. There are four rounds, or lives, each earning you some points depending on the distance you get across the field. At the end of the game, your points are added all up, and if you’re happy with the results you can submit them.
The Controls

Return Man? He Never Went Away, Man.While, I played this game with both my right and left hands, the controls- J:Left, I:Forward, L:Right, Space bar to continue- appear to be set up for someone who is either right handed, or playing with only one hand at a time. It proves challenging, at first, to dodge your opponents and earn decent points, but eventually you get the hang of the controls. It is easy to navigate, not a lot to remember, and that makes it ideal for players of all ages.

Furthermore, there are bonuses! If you’re lucky enough to catch a green, glowing orb with a lightning bolt inside of it, that will earn you some extra points. These are worth five hundred points each to the player. The more of them you can get, the better you ultimately do. As well, once you start getting into the higher points brackets, you can earn trophies- provided that you’re a registered member on On the top right of the page where the game is found, you will find the required point amounts required to win a trophy. The amounts range from 8000, to 42,000 and there are 5 in total to collect. If you’re skilled enough to master it, you can check your competition on the top 100 Arcade Trophy Leaders section. Just below the game, in fact, one can find a box with some competitive stats to follow as they play which contains the high scores for the current month, all time, as well as the trophy leaders.
The Consensus

While the game seems to have a devoted following, there seem to be just as many new comers trying to beat the ranks as well. With a slew of sequels, including Zombies and a Mud Bowl, it is unlikely that this game should lose its mounting popularity. It’s an instant classic among the denizens of social media, Facebook comments full of praise, as well as a few suggestions lining the bottom of each incarnation of Return Man. The people love it, and it is here to stay.

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