Solitaire – the Strategy Game

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Solitaire - the Strategy Game

Solitaire-the Strategy Game!
Klondike solitaire is the ultimate game, for those who relish strategic and calculated moves, to win and enjoy a win.
This game of sorting cards is so popular, that many folks simply call it “solitaire.” In case you don’t enjoy card games you can always play good old shooting game @

Winning strategy:
To achieve victory in Klondike solitaire game, the player needs to identify the best strategy, in deploying the cards on the table in a descending manner, and pile them in four stacks.
At the same time, the stacked cards need to match the arrays of colors available, for victory to be assured.
The ultimate goal of the Klondike solitaire game, is to stack all the cards on the suite piles from Ace to King, usually at the top of the game screen.

= All the cards must be heaped at the upper corner

= Upper corner deck cards follows next, in a descending manner from A-K

= Stack cards at the bottom, matching alternate colors

= Pile cards in descending order, corresponding to the consecutive numbers

= Only a card bearing letter K, qualifies to be put at a vacant column in the bottom

= Cards available, at the clicking of the deck, at the upper left corner

The tableau, also known as the columns, is the main control feature in Klondike solitaire game.
The columns are in essence, the demarcation features, for the playing area of the game.
When shuffling the cards in between the columns, one can pick any face up card, provided that such a move, involves all the cards in the column below.
The top card of the stack being moved, must have a value one less, than the bottom card below, in the column being shuffled.
At the same time, such a card must bear a completely different color.
The rule of the thumb in the Klondike solitaire game, is to deal the cards one at a time, face up.
Resetting the stock pile is only done when all the cards have been dealt, which allows the player to start all over again.
This means that there is no limitation to the number of times, one is dealing out with the cards, in a Klondike solitaire game.


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