Solitaire – the Strategy Game

Solitaire-the Strategy Game! Klondike solitaire is the ultimate game, for those who relish strategic and calculated moves, to win and enjoy a win. This game of sorting cards is so popular, that many folks simply call it “solitaire.” In case you don’t enjoy card games you can always play good old shooting game @….

Review of Impossible Quiz 3 – A well-known flash game

Impossible Quiz 3 is a popular flash game developed mainly by Splapp-me-Do and initially published on This particular game, such as two Impossible Quizzes prior to it, encourages gamers to think outside the box whilst verifying their intellectual capability. Occasionally, though, the most obvious answers end up not to be so apparent which means…

Know how to play the great and exciting game of Super Smash Bros Flash 2

Are you a lover of games? If the answer to this question is a big yes then I have a great game that you will definitely love playing and that is the Super Smash Bros Flash 2 game. This great fun game affords you the rare and great privilege of playing a game with fun…