Tips for Blasting to Victory on Zombie Killing Games

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Zombie Killing Games – ZTP (Zombie Trailer Park) is a 2D point-and-click strategy game that pits humans against zombies in a battle to destroy each other’s home base. The player takes the role of the human survivor base, with the goal of destroying the zombie base.

ztpStarting the Game:
The game is divided into four stages that get progressively harder. Clicking the stage name takes the player to that specific level. The timer immediately begins ticking, and zombies begin walking out of the zombie base to the right.

Constructing Buildings and Units:
The player must construct buildings to begin producing units to fight the zombies. At the beginning, players have access to basic buildings. Constructing buildings and units is as simple as clicking on the specific icon. If the player has enough money and the necessary requirements, the building or unit will begin construction. There is a limit to how many units a player can build, depending on what buildings have been constructed.
More advanced buildings and units become available as the player upgrades the base and earns more money. After being produced, buildings provide a specific bonus, or unlock a new units. Newly-created units automatically begin marching towards the zombie base, killing any zombies in their way.

Zombie Trailer Park

Reaching and Destroying the Zombie Base:
The point of the game is to reach the zombie base with units and destroy it. However, the zombie base also produces its own units to attack the player’s base. Basic units will be able to kill basic zombies fairly easily, but the zombie base will also eventually begin producing more advanced zombies which overpower basic units.
To combat the advanced zombies, the player must construct advanced units, which have more firepower and can attack from a distance. As the player kills zombies, the player also earned YEE-HAW points, which can be used to purchase powerful one-time attacks. Also you can play Boxhead Unblocked.

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